Characters and Style Inspiration

The main source of inspiration for the way we designed our characters and the style of everything visual in our game is perfectly captured in this picture. We as a team are great fans of southpark. Even the way we wanted our game’s characters to stand out from the background is captured greatly in this picture.

From the beginning we wanted to make a game in the style of cartoons. The vector based characters and landscapes were really appealing to us, meaning that we liked the style a lot. However we did try to make everything in our game somewhat more dramatic and spooky.

Also the scaling we adapted in our game gets captured great by this picture. The big heads and not overly complicated styles of the characters body’s fitted perfectly with our vision of what we wanted to accomplish visually with our game.

Depth Inspiration

June 16, 2010

Depth Inspiration

Depth Inspiration number 2

We researched renaissance paintings, especially those of landscapes, on the web and on how we were best to percieve depth withing our 2D gameworld. The way the colors change the closer they get to the horizon is where we needed some guidence. These renaissance landscape paintings provided us with the proper inspiration on how to continue with our level designs. Also the use of saturation in colors in these paintingsĀ  is where we got some inspiration.

Dusky Sky Inspiration

June 16, 2010


Inspiration for Sky Colors

Inspiration for Sky number 2


Inspiration for Sky number 3

We decided that to add suspense to our game visually we needed to create a dramatic looking skyline. After talking about it for some time and doing some visual research on the web we decided that a skyline at dusk would best represent what we were going for.